Are you desperate for a BPH solution: no surgery, no drugs, just natural, herb, and time-tested over many centuries of use on literally millions of people? 

Yes, BPH Energy can help you.

There’s nothing worse than having the BPH: 

  • More frequent trips to the bathroom, especially at night. 
  • Urination has become more difficult than it used to be. 
  • Many times I have to 'push' to start the flow of urine.
  • I awake two or more times each night to urinate. 
  • When urinating, the stream stops and starts again several times. 
  • I have a feeling that after urination, my bladder is not fully empty.
  • It is harder to wait, when I have to relieve myself, than it used to be.
  • My urinary stream is weaker and less forceful than before.
  • They can't sit through a meeting or a plane flight without getting up.

Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

BPH is not a life-threatening condition, but if left untreated for a prolonged period of time, it has the potential to cause problems with the function of the bladder, and less commonly, the kidneys.

BPH is one of the most common complaints of men from middle age forward. One study has shown that BPH is present in 20% of men aged 41-50 years, 50% of men aged 51-60 years, and over 90% of men older than 80 years , although the proportion of men with symptoms was much less.

Treatment for BPH in recent years has been characterized by a fall in the use of surgical procedures, mainly transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), and a rise in the use of minimally invasive treatments and, particularly, medical therapy.

Pharmacologic therapies available for the treatment of LUTS (Lower urinary tract symptoms) include alpha-adrenoceptor antagonists, such as terazosin, doxazosin, alfuzosin, and tamsulotn, and the 5alpha-reductase inhibitors, finasteride and dutasteride. 

It same that lot of treatment options for BPH patients.

But unfortunately millions of men still have to suffer BPH every single day. Pain, depression, some dizziness…..

Listen to the BPH patients said: (from Internet BPH forum)

After taking surgery, I still urinate about every 30 min to an hour an average.

My 83 year old husband had green light laser surgery yesterday. He is on blood thinner so they kept him over night in the hospital. Today there is still too much bleeding so he will stay in at least another day. He is complaining about gas and no appetite.

I am a 51 years who has just been recommended for the "greenlight" treatment. I have used Flowmax and am still on Finestrade to shrink my prostrate. Both drugs gave me weak orgasms and low sperm flow.

I had green light procedure 4 weeks ago and iam still bleeding, and in some pain. drinking a lot of water. i should have the turp.

Many men worry about whether surgery for BPH will affect their ability to enjoy sex! Complete recovery of sexual function may take up to One Year, lagging behind a person’s general recovery.

This was far more complex and risky than I was led to believe. I’d look at other options if I could go back.

Why BPH is so difficult to treat, and easy to Recurrence ?

  1. Only focus on local prostate treatment (infection, difficulty in starting to urinate, dysuria), not care the whole body immunity low,body energy low, body imbalance;

  2. Use antibiotics, hormone,drugs to alleviate the symptoms of BPH , but at the same time,those methods ignore the harm to the other parts of the body, and reduce immunity;

  3. Surgery (include minimally invasive treatment) is still a surgery, inevitably, there is damage to the prostate

Did there have an option for BPH, whole body and system management,

increase body immunity, increase body energy to recovery by human-body-itself, 

natural, green, less side-effect, don’t affect my orgasm and have been time-tested over many centuries of use on literally millions of people?

Yes, with Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM) theory and two thousands of years practice, a natural, herbal, no invasive therapy and non-surgery prostatic therapy that patients could receive treatment at home.

BPH Energy Formula

In TCM view, BPH like gray hair, an enlarged prostate is a natural by-product of getting older.

The core reason was the body energy weak. When body energy was low, the body internal water and damp didn’t have power to flow, then the body internal water and damp stagnation, retention and condensation.

For success treat BPH, it shall be focus on the body energy weak.

Two handstands years ago (Han Dynasty), Dr. Zhang Zong Jing (Author of Shang Han Lun) gave a special formula for the body energy weak with internal water and damp stagnation.

It was BPH Energy Formula.

The functions of this TCM formula are to recharge the body energy and promote urination.

This Chinese medicine formula is best suited for conditions where there is externally contracted pathogen with pre-existing body energy or spleen yang deficiency giving rise to retention of fluids.

And it used in elder’s BPH, the results are satisfactory.

Which herb did BPH Energy Formula mainly contain?

Fu Zi (Processed Aconite)

Warm the Interior and Expel Cold  , tonify kidney yang, promotes kidney transforming functions
Sheng Jiang (Fresh Ginger Rhizome)

Releases the Exterior and Warms the Middle Jiao, Disperses Lung Cold and Stops Cough , warms and dispels external pathogens, aids removal of dampness; most of time, BPH symptom will be increased when got cold, ginger can prevent cold.
Bai Zhu (White Atractylodes Rhizome)

activating the spleen, removing damp
Tonifies the Spleen and Supplements the Qi, Dries Dampness, Moves and Transforms Water Accumulation, Strengthens the Wei Qi and Stops Sweating , tonify spleen, promotes urination
Fu Ling (Sclerotium of Tuckahoe, China Root, Poria, Hoelen)

Drains Dampness and Reduces Swelling, Promotes Urination, Transforms Phlegm, tonify spleen, promote urination, drains dampness
Yin Yang Huo (Aerial Parts of Epimedium)

Tonify Yang, increase kidney energy

This combination made the organs have been re-adjustment and function recovery.

As it focused on tonify body energy, so it was best for water and damp stagnation.

BPH Energy Formula didn’t contain too much herbs, but with the targeted combination, very focused, so the result was very good.

How did we diagnose that BPH was caused by Body Energy weak?

If water or damp stagnation, it will be easy see from tongue sharp, tongue coating.

Tongue Sharp:
Big, enlarged, tongue with tooth marks
Tongue Coating:
slippery and white coating
Tongue Coating:
a thicker white coating
Damp, or water stagnation;
And indicate kidney yang deficiency (kidney energy weak)

Damp-cold, water and damp stagnation below; the thicker the coat, the more Dampness or Phlegm is present.

If tongue has tooth marks, a slipper white coat (or a thicker white coating), we can sure that BPH was caused by the body energy low.

Case Report:

1988.7, a Japanese patient with BPH, name: Jiang Teng, 58 years old, male, he was an officer of U.N.

He suffered BPH with difficulty in starting to urinate for more than 6 years.

In recent 2-3 years, BPH symptom worst. Jiang Tens said, especially in the afternoon, he could not bear, have to the bathroom frequently. At Night, he has to urinate 15-16 times, and he can’t sleep at all. Decreased strength of flow of urine. And Urine needs at least 3-5 min each time.

In Beijing, Japan, USA, he chooses the treatment with Western medicine, and final the doctors told he shall take a surgery.

But Jiang Teng feared this surgery for orgasm.

Then, he searched help from Traditional Chinese Medicine, in Japan, Beijing, ShangHai, he took Herbal Formula for long times, those formula used herb: fu ling, zhe xie, che qian zi, mu tong  (focused on problems urinating, didn’t increase body energy), so his symptoms didn’t change.

He was so painful for his BPH.

One friend in U.S. Consultant of ChengDu asked him to try BPH Energy Formula.

Tongue Checking:

  • Tongue body was swollen, and tongue with teeth marks;
  • a slippery white coating;

Pulse: weak and slow (another body energy weak signal)

Diagnosis: body energy is weak, cold water and damp stagnation.

Therapeutic Principle: increasing body(kidney) energy, making water flow and clearing away damp

Recipe: BPH Energy Formula (fu-zi, fu-ling, ying-yang-huo, ginger, baizhu)

After taking the BPH Energy Formula first time, he felt the urine increase, urination of frequency reduce.

After take 3 times of BPH Energy Formula, the whole process of urine is good. Night urine reduce to 2 times, and the strength of flow of urine need improve.

After taking next 3 times of BPH Energy Formula, the strength of flow of urine better.

Whole treatment, less 30 BPH Energy Formula (one month). But BPH symptoms totally changed. His spirit increase, urine was normal, no difficulty in starting to urinate, the strength of flow of urine was good and night urine only one time.

For Better Home use BPH Energy Formula, Here, I’m offering is BPH Energy Capsule

BPH energy capsule

An opportunity to recharge body energy against BPH – BPH Energy Capsule

  • Based on Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory, more than two thousands years time-based test, millions of people have used it

  • Increase human body energy,improve immunity

  • Used herbs in combination with each other as formulas, a series of herbs that work cohesively on cure of BPH, rather than as separate materials,

  • Tong Reng Tang as herb Suppliers , list on Hong Kong (8069) and Shang Hai (600085) Stock, with 340 years history and the best herb provider in China

  • Focused on restoring balance of the body rather than treating the BPH symptoms

  • Orgasm not affect

  • Tackles a array of problems of BPH, such as enlargement of prostate glands, blockage of the prostate glands, PH change of prostate glands, erection, urination and loss of prostate function

  • Aims at achieving a permanent cure and maintain normal prostate function through diet and behavior treatment

  • Unlike western medicine that focus on shrinking the prostate, the herbal formula aims at helping the already imbalanced prostate glands back to normal function by eliminating stagnation and dampness (unblocking), then provide more blood flow to the prostate glands

  • Also aims at restoration the normal function and environment of the prostate

  • Compared with other herbal treatment such as saw palmetto, Pygeum africanum, Cernilton, Proscar, Hytrin, the herbal treatment for BPH is more consistent, thorough and potent.

Most Frequently asked Questions regarding BPH Energy Capsule?

1. Why was the human body energy so important ?
Body energy like sun, if no sun, then the earth no cloud, no rain, no flow, no grass, no animal, just a cold, ice and dark world, it will be no life any more. As the same, our body energy weak or lost, our life will be weak or die.

2. In TCM view, how to increase body energy?
Body energy depended on kidney energy (comes mainly from the innate essence stored in the kidney. But it also depends on the supplement and nourishment of the acquired essence developed in the spleen and stomach.

3. What shipping method?
BPH Energy Capsule will ship to you via Air-Mail. It will arrive to you about two weeks worldwide. The cost is included Air-Mail shipping and handle fee.

4. Why the minimize effect time was 7 days?
One week has 7 days, new week mean a new start, a new cycle. Body recoveries rule same as this.

5. Use Warm water with fresh ginger juice to swallow capsule?
Fresh gingers juice with warm water can great improve the effect for water and damp stagnation.

6. How long take effect?
7 days after taking, symptoms will change better; most of our clients said, it worked after taking 2-3 days.

7. What was the effect for One Course?

3 months for one course taking, human body will change more better, help improve, remove the BPH symptoms, such as:
  • pain during urination,
  • difficulty in starting to urinate,
  • decreased strength of flow of urine,
  • dribbling following urination,
  • a feeling that the bladder has not been completely emptied,
  • a need to begin urinating soon after urinating,
  • reduce night urine time, etc.

At the same time, the symptoms of tooth marks, a slipper white coat (or a thicker white coating)  will disappeared. And the whole body will felt more energy then before.

BPH Energy Capsule Specification

BPH energy capsule

Functions and Indications:

For BPH caused by body energy low (Tongue sharp swollen ,big or enlarged,  tongue with tooth makes, tongue with a slippery coating)

Help to change the BPH symptoms, such as:

  • reduce pain during urination
  • change difficulty in starting to urinate;
  • increased the strength of flow of urine
  • reduced the frequency to bathroom, particular at night

Main Ingredients:

Processed Aconite,Fresh Ginger Rhizome,White Atractylodes Rhizome,Sclerotium of Tuckahoe, China Root, Poria, Hoelen


0.5 g/capsule,

7 days (84 Caps/Bag),

One course (3 months) (1092 Caps/Bag)


6 caps/time, 2 time/day (morning and night)
Using Warm water with 5ml fresh ginger juice,Swallow BPH Energy Capsule

3 months for one course.

  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children

During taking BPH Energy Capsule, recommend:

  • Uncooked or cold food or drink should be avoided;
  • Stop drinking, alcohol increases urine production and irritates the bladder
  • Stop piquancy foods (such as capsicum, garlic, pepper, etc), stop eating fried foods, bacon, and flame broiled meat.
  • Stay warm, avoid get cold. Cold weather can lead to urine retention and increase your urgency
  • Avoid overwork, overwork will reduce body energy
  • Habit Change
Frequent sex, sitting for too long, etc, are also the sources of BPH. A change of habit is also needed to avert the situation. Certain sports are good for the prostate that could improve the stagnant situation.
  • No smoking (If you can't stop, try not to smoke so much).

ORDER BPH Energy Capsule Now, for BPH with Low Body Energy !

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BPH Energy Capsule will ship to you via Air-Mail. It will arrive to you about two weeks worldwide. The cost is included Air-Mail shipping and handle fee.

I look forward to helping you recovery from BPH that you so desperately want and need.

Warmest regards,
Paul Lin (China)


I simply want to help people with my specialized TCM knowledge. I know that what I’m selling here will help you tremendously.

If you have any additional questions please don’t hesitate to e-mail me.

God bless and good luck!

Order BPH Energy Capsule (for 7 days) $49.95 (Airmail) 

Order One Course (3 Months) BPH Energy Capsule $ 259.95 (Airmail)

BPH Energy Capsule

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