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Mechanism of Preventing Mucosa Injury and Safeguarding Gastrointestinal

In daily life, the gastrointestinal mucosa of human body is exposed to various stimuli everyday. Once the mucosa is damaged, the GI functions will be temporarily or permanently affected. As a result, we have to pay attention to the protection and health-care of the GI

The most important protecting barrier for normal gastrointestinal mucosa is the slime protecting layer on the gastrointestinal mucosa surface. The damage to this layer is the premonition of gastrointestinal function damage and disease.

Risk factors for gastrointestinal function damage:

  • Diet: Under non-disciplinary diet containing various amounts of different types of food,the gastro acid and pepsin will irritate the gastrointestinal mucosa. For example, erosion, edema and hemorrhage of mucosa will often occur after intake of spicy, overcooling, overheated or excessively hard food.

  • Drinking: According to the study results, alcohol with concentration of 14% can cause direct gastrointestinal mucosa damage and even the damage to the slime layer, debilitating the protective capability of the GI mucosa, the worse being the consequence of inflammation, erosion, hemorrhage or even perforation; in addition, alcohol drinking can also cause mucosa angiospasm, leading to ischemia, hypoxia and mucosa injuries.

  • Smoking: Nicotine can directly irritate the gastric mucosa and cause vasoconstriction and spasm under mucosa. Ischemia and anoxic symptoms show up and lead to gastric ulcers, and consequently erosive or atrophic gastritis will develop.

  • Chemicals: Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs are strong stimuli to gastrointestinal mucosa, which not only interfere with the synthesis of prostaglandin, but also corrode the mucosa directly and cause adverse effects such as gastrointestinal ulcer to some extent.

  • Radiotherapy and chemotherapy: Radiotherapy and chemotherapy can cause damage to GI mucosa in two ways: direct damage and hematogenous damage. The former refers to the damage caused by oral drugs or direct radiation; the latter refers to the damage to stem cells and PRCs of mucosa as well as tissue cells by chemicals going through blood circulation. The GI mucosa injury is one of the most common side effects caused by radiotherapy or chemotherapy in the tumor patients, and the severe case may even cause complications such as extensive erosive injury and hemorrhage, posing great sufferings to the patient and unfavorable impacts to the treatment. In addition, radiative injury may debilitate the physical condition of the patient by long-term accumulative effects.

  • Mental and work related stress: Due to stressful work, there will be increase of oxygen consumption of brain and reduction of blood flow of gastrointestinal tract. Insufficiency of blood and oxygen will lead to the necrosis of mucosa. Gastrointestinal disease caused by mental work and mental stress in athletes is another typical problem.
  • Constipation: Functional constipation is one of the main presentations of abnormal intestinal mucosa response to food and is mainly related to the types and absorption of food. Organic constipation is a relatively refractory condition caused by mucosa disorder in large intestine, as well as the weakness of intestinal wall.

For more detail, please read the book of "MEBO-GIC.pdf", it was opened with adobe reader.

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