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How to prevent gastrointestinal premature aging and ensure the normal condition

Although there are many factors causing gastrointestinal aging, the animal experiment of the healthcare technique proves: if regenerative nutrients and protection are supplied for the gastrointestinal mucosa and bioclock diet is obeyed, the gastrointestinal mucosa, submucosal gland, muscle layer of the gastrointestinal wall will achieve in situ regeneration and gastrointestinal premature aging will be prevented.

The method is: bioclock diet plan is obeyed, and 5 MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules are administered with each meal.

Scientific validation by experiments

Choose 50 WISTAR albino rats at the age of 10 months and divide them into experimental group and control group. Feed the rats in the experimental group according to the gastrointestinal in situ regenerative restoration technique and the bioclock diet plan.

Also, fixed amount of MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule was added to the feedstuff in the experimental group. After every 100-day-feed, execute 5 rats in each group for gastrointestinal whole tissue biopsy (this biopsy also includes the rats die naturally during experiment) to observe the tissue structure and the aging condition of the gastrointestinal mucosa surface, submucosal gland tissues, and gastrointestinal smooth muscle layer.

The feeding period was 500 day and then the rats were executed in the subsequent 5 time points.

When the experiment was started, the gastrointestinal tissue biopsy of the rats at the same age and in the same race was applied for comparison.

1.On the 100th day

The gastrointestinal mucosa, gland, muscle layer in the experimental group did not show aging, but showed the condition of the middle-aged rat.

The gastrointestinal mucosa, gland and muscle layer in the control group showed aging compared with that initial condition.
No natural death occurred in the two groups.

2.On the 500th day:

The gastrointestinal mucosa, gland, muscle layer in the experimental group did not show aging, but showed the condition of the middle-aged rat.

The gastrointestinal mucosa, gland and muscle layer in the control group showed aging compared with that initial condition.

1.Experiment design
Choose WISTAR albino rats with the age of 10 months. The male albino rats have the lifetime of 480 days on average, so 10 months old albino rat is considered old with its gastrointestinal organs beginning aging. If this health care technique has the effect of
preventing the aging of the gastrointestinal organs, this experiment can demonstrate it objectively.

In addition, the termination time of this experiment is on the 500th day (the total time includes 300 days pre-experiment and 500 experimental days, the actual experiment time is 526 days).That is to say, the lifetime of the albino rats is 826 days, which is almost the twice more than the average lifetime. The purpose is to observe the anti-aging result of gastrointestinal organs as well as the influence on the whole lifetime while performs the activity of anti-aging of gastrointestinal organs.

If the lifetime of albino rats in the experimental group is longer than that in the control group, it proves that the anti-aging of gastrointestinal organs influences the whole lifetime.

2. Analysis of the results:
Experimental group: the gastrointestinal biopsy of the initial rats and the end results prove: under the gastrointestinal regenerative nutrients and the bioclock diet plan, the gastrointestinal gland, mucosa and muscle tissues can maintain vigorous life and the life can
be prolonged.

Control group: the gastrointestinal tissue test during the experiment proves: all gastrointestinal tissues are in a very aged condition. Compared with the result in experimental group, it proves: the gastrointestinal premature aging occurs without the healthcare technique.

The average life of the rats in the experimental group is about 300 days longer than that of control group because of the adoption of bioclock diet plan.

3. Scientific significance
The experiment proves again there are potential regenerative cells existing in all tissue organs. Under the action of regenerative nutrients, these potential regenerative cells will in situ regenerate new tissue cells to replace and renew the damaged and aged cells to maintain the function and life of tissue organs.

Note: The tissue photos in scientific experiment refer to the section of anti-aging experiment validation.

For more detail, please read the book of "MEBO-GIC.pdf", it was opened with adobe reader.

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