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Mechanisms of Renewing Aged Gastrointestinal Mucosa

Most of persons who are over 35 years old have the following experiences: listless, poor digestion, more frequent gastrointestinal complaints, poor immunity, and other diseases.

The main reasons include: the gastrointestinal organs are aging; the proliferation activity of the stem cells in the gastrointestinal mucosa decreases, which can not meet the requirements for mucosa renewal, and nutrition absorbed is insufficient.

The medical features of aged gastrointestinal organs:

Many medical researches prove that the aging of human body begins from the aging of gastrointestinal mucosa, and the process is much faster and occurs earlier than that of the other organs.

  • The Atrophy of Gastric Mucosa: gastric mucosa atrophy occurs when people are over 30 years old. It starts with small area, which appears only above the gastric angle. While after age of 50, nearly half of the gastric mucosa shows atrophy.

  • Intestinal metaplasia of gastric mucosa : this is also one signal of gastric mucosa atrophy, namely: the gastric mucosa becomes similar to intestinal tract mucosa, which will lead to declining of the digestion and secretion function. The ratio of intestinal metaplasia reaches to 50% when persons are 40, to 60% when 50, and 80% when 60 years old.

  • The decrease of the amount of digestive secretion such as gastric acid and pepsin: 20% of persons around 50 years old can not secrete enough gastric acid, and this number reaches to 39% among persons who are 60 years old; the amount of secreted pepsin or ptyalin decreases sharply after age 40, and the digestive ability of a 50-year-old person is only half of that of a 30-year-old person.

  • Stomach peristalsis slow down: the stomach peristalsis rate is about once in 20 seconds when persons are over 40. However, the stomach peristalsis rate for normal young persons is once in 5~6 seconds. This research proves that the main reason is the thinning of gastric wall smooth muscle.

  • Intestinal mucosa aging: the number of the intestine epithelium cell will decrease with the increase of age and then the mucosa will become thin and the amount of digestive juice becomes less. The absorptive ability of basic nutrition, vitamin, calcium and iron decreases. And stem cells in the intestinal gland are decreasing, which will lead to the failure of the completely regeneration of mucosa villus to cause villus aging. The degree and rule of aging is similar to skin aging. For a 50-year old person, about half of the intestinal mucosa cells age, which leads to a decrease of 50% absorption ability of nutrients and causes starvation of all human organs.
The hazard detrimental effects of gastrointestinal organ aging:

  • Prone to mucosa injuries: The amount of mucus decreases due to mucosa atrophy, which will lead to injuries easily.

  • Multiple gastrointestinal diseases: the regenerative ability of gastrointestinal mucosa is weakened, so the mucosa will not heal easily when damaged. People often suffer from gastrointestinal ulcer between age 40 and 60, and often suffer from duodenal ulcer between age 35 and 45.

  • Cancer: the cancer rate is about 20 times higher in people with unhealed ulcers than in normal person; it also has the possibility of cancer for moderate and severe atrophic gastritis combined with intestinal metaplasia.

  • Reduced digestion, nutrition absorbability, and nutrition utilizing disturbance: atrophicgastritis will cause absorption disturbance which may lead to anaemia and calciprivia; the nutrition can not be utilized effectively because of reduced absorption, which will cause obesity or emaciation.

  • Functional disorder of other organs: metabolic disorder and aging will appear in other organs because intestine can not absorb enough nutrition, including the dry skin, whitening or lusterless hair, alopecia, the increased occurrence of diabetes and angiocardiopathy.
The mechanisms of anti-aging:

  • Promote the proliferation of mucosa stem cells to maintain the renewal activity: The mucosa regenerative nutrition contained in MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule can promote the activity of mucosa stem cells to maintain the renewal activity and ensure the renewal of mucosa in time;

  • Renew all cells in the aged mucosa to recover the digestive function: The in situ regenerative technique can promote the mucosa stem cells regenerating the whole layer of cells to recover the physiological digestive function.

  • Increase nutrition absorption area: MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule will form tiny crystal body after entering the intestinal tract. This crystal body will adhere at the positions among the intestinal villi and they will clear the accumulated food remnant automatically with the peristalsis of intestinal tract. Then the absorption surface of the villus is enlarged, which will promote the ability and efficiency of nutrition absorption.

For more detail, please read the book of "MEBO-GIC.pdf", it was opened with adobe reader.

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