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Gastrointestinal Organ Regenerative
Restoration In Situ

The technique of Gastrointestinal Organ Regenerative Restoration in situ is one of MEBO's Human Body Regenerative Restoration Techniques, which aims to in situ regenerate gastrointestinal mucosa and related organs and tissues by utilizing PRCs (potential regenerative cells) of the human body. 

It also helps to renew the aged tissues and organs, repair the injured or ulcerative tissues and organs and ensure the physiological structure andfunctions of the gastrointestine.

This plan introduces the whole application process of the technique of gastrointestinal regenerative restoration in situ, releases scientific research data from 'the clone of the gastrointestinal mucosa in vitro' to 'the regenerative restoration of the gastrointestinal mucosa, the submucosal glands and the smooth muscle tissues in situ', and also publishes the clinical data of the regenerative restoration of gastrointestinal mucosa in injuries and ulcers. 

This is one of the most cutting-edge scientific achievements in the human life science with American patent granted.

This regenerative restoration technique is realized with three parts: 

1) the technique of tissue and organ cloning from cells; 

2) cell regenerative nutrients MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule; 

3) the bioclock diet plan

Tissue and organ cloning from cells is the core technique with the nutrients supplied by the regenerative substances, and the bioclock diet
plan is to regulate the diet to the bioclock of the gastrointestinal digestion and absorption so as to reduce the gastrointestinal injury and burden and to assure the gastrointestinal structure and function in a physiologically healthy state along with the life principles.

Four Effects, One Plan

Gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique is one of the techniques of Human Body Regenerative Restoration Science, which solves the problem of gastrointestinal premature aging, the problem of ulcer healing with scar formation, and the problem of GI injury and constipation. Personal bioclock diet plan is enacted according to individual condition of
gastrointestinal bioclock.

1.  Solve the problem of gastrointestinal premature aging

2.  Solve the problem of scar formation after gastrointestinal ulcer treatment

3.  Solve the problem of injuries caused by drinking, taking  medicine and food

4. Solve the problem of constipation

5. One Plan: Bioclock diet plan
The research shows that one of the main reasons causing gastrointestinal mucosa damage, ulcer, and chronic inflammation and premature aging is that the bioclock diet is not followed. So mastering the correct bioclock diet is very important to retard aging, and the diet must cause no damages to gastrointestinal mucosa. MEBO gastrointestinal regenerative restoration technique helps people to enact personal bioclock diet plan
according to individual physiological habits and conditions.

Gastrointestinal Regenerative Medicine
The main point of the technique is to protect mucosa, repair mucosa in time and prevent the gastrointestinal mucosa from being destroyed by alcohol, irritant and carcinogen,etc.

MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules (GIC)
MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules is developed based on dramatic clinical successes of regeneration of new skin of burnt patients by using MEBO’s regenerative substances to induce normal somatic cells to behave like stem cells and to ensure the normal proliferation and differentiation of cells in the epithelium.

The clinical cases of verification of the regenerative restoration of gastrointestinal mucosa disorders (click the following link to view the details with the pictures)

1. Diagnose:Sinus ventriculi ulcer
after regenerative restoration for one and a half months
Recheck result:Ulcer heal, without scar formation
2. Diagnose:Duodenum ulcer(phase A1)
after regenerative restoration for one month,
Recheck result:Ulcer heal, without scar formation
3. Diagnose:Radiation gastric ulcer, erosion pathological change
three months,
Recheck result:All wound heal, without scar formation
4. Diagnose:Hemorrhage erosive gastritis, esophagitis
One month,
Recheck result:Erosive surface heal, without scar formation
5. Diagnose:Multiple gastritis
one and a half months
Recheck result:Ulcer heal, without scar formation
6. Diagnose:Severe erosive esophagitis
One month,
Recheck result: Erosive surface heal, without scar formation
7. Diagnose:Backstreaming esophagitis
One month,
Recheck result:Symptom disappeared
8. Diagnose:Ulcerative colitis
half a month,
Recheck result:Most ulcer heal
9. Gastric Ulcer with MEBO GIC
Gastric ulcer has the high rate of ulcer relapse. And some anti-ulcer drugs more obvious side-effects limit the clinical application. MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsule containing gastrointestinal mucosa to promote regeneration of nutrients of life - mucosal regeneration factor, can activate the gastrointestinal mucosa regeneration to freshmen protection of gastrointestinal mucosa parietal re-organization
10. Protection test and damage reparation test of gastric mucosa in human
the regenerated and repaired mucosa after using GIC for 22 days, which is no different with the original one.
11. Gastrointestinal and esophageal ulcers regeneration
patients with gastrointestinal ulcers take MEBO gastrointestinal capsules orally, then the gastrointestinal mucosa and tissues will be induced to newly regenerate in situ on the ulcers wounds
12. Gastric mucosa after drinking alcohol (with GIC), no lesion appeared
Protection of the gastrointestinal mucosa is very important to everyone, especially to alcoholics.  the gastric mucosa after drinking alcohol (with GIC), no lesion appeared. The gastric mucosa is the same as normal.
13. Ulcer on Stomach Corner with MEBO GIC
Ulcer healed without scar formation after 1 month administration of MEBO Gastrointestinal Capsules
14. Duodenal Ulcer with MEBO GIC
Ulcerative gastrointestinal mucosa will be regenerated to a healthy gastrointestinal mucosa after the administration of health-care products for in situ regeneration of gastrointestinal mucosa for 1-3 months.
15. Radiation Ulcer with MEBO GIC
After take MEBO gastrointerstinal Capsule for 28 days,
stomache point 3 and 4 did not find gastric body ulcer and erosion damage.
16. Regeneration and Rejuvenation of Ageing Viscera
the gastrointestinal mucosa with deciduous and atrophic villi have been regenerated and rejuvenated to a vigorous status with healthy villi after regeneration and rejuvenation service for half a year.

Direction of Usage:
(For ulcer, duodenal, inflammation, radiation damage, etc)

Regeneratively restore the gastrointestinal mucosa

Prevent gastrointestinal premature aging and ensure the normal condition

Prevent scar formation from using medicine for treating gastrointestinal Ulcer

Prevent chronic gastroenteritis and ulcer

Prevent and repair the damage of gastric mucosa caused by alcohol

Prevent and correct the gastrointestinal function disorder caused by taking chemical drugs

Prevent and decrease the damage to gastrointestinal mucosa caused by

Prevent and correct the gastrointestinal disorder caused by radiotherapy

Correct functional disorder such as abdominal distension, stomachache,
acid reflux, nausea and emesis caused by improper diet

Prevent and eliminate constipation

Administration of MEBO GIC in daily life
In daily life, MEBO GIC can prevent and repair all mucosa damage in digestive tract.

Research about the Effects and Mechanisms of MEBO GIC
1. Mechanisms of Renewing Aged Gastrointestinal Mucosa

2. Mechanism of Regenerative Restoration of Gastrointestinal Mucosa from cells in situ

3. Mechanism of Preventing Mucosa Injury and Safeguarding Gastrointestinal Function

4. Substances and Effects of GIC

MEBO GIC Scientific Corroboration & US Patents

Stomach Basic Information
the mucous membrane is to protect the digestive organs from being eaten away by the strong acids secreted in the digestive system, such as hydrochloric acid
Reasons for damaging gastrointestinal mucosa
alcohol, chemical drugs, cold and hot food, stress and nervousness, etc

For more detail, please read the book of "MEBO-GIC.pdf", it was opened with adobe reader.

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