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Answers to Clinical Questions on the Moist Exposure Therapy and the Moist Burn Ointment in Burn

Rich experience has been accumulated since the technique of moist therapy for burn was popularized 20 years ago. 

For better grasping of the technique and Summarization of experience, here are answers to some questions raised in the coures of its application.

What are the applications of the Moist Expowed Burn Therapy?

This therapy is designed for the local treatment of wounds in burn. Its 5 points of capacity have been recognized clinically. Since the wounds in burn embody the characters of all other ulcers. the therapy for burn possesses the capacity for treating all other ulcers. Thus, it is feasible to apply the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy for all other kinds of ulcers and open superficial wounds, and naturally for ulcers as an ideal remedy. Besides, it has an action of keeping the wound moistened and isolated. it is also a good measure for the health care of the skin.

What are the clitheai applications of the Moist Burn Ointment?

Being a kind of r.emedy designed on the principle formulated by the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy. this ointment, non--toxic and with no side effect is applied. exclusively in burn and made of food material and natural vegetarian materials. that can be administered topically and orally. Formulated on the principles, methods and medicaments of traditional Chinese medicine, this Moist Burn Ointment can be applied not only in the moist exposure therapy for burn but also in other external or internal diseases. Unlike chemicaf drugs. this Ointment. though not a panacea, is well suited far its indications with satisfactory results to different extent : it can be applied in burn wound as the moist burn therapy, can be prepared as nonadhesive gauze. It can also be applied as dress--changing material and household medicament. It has a promising prospect and can be widely applied as a new remedy for many disorders besides burn.

How to maer the oboeal technique of the Moist Expend Burn Therapy as soon as posoible?

Investigation indicates that 99% of the over 3.000 physicians. after receiving a short--termtraining of 6 days. have mastered this therapy satisfactorily. Some even successfully cured extensive burns. As shown by the experience of skilled physicians the following points are essential to the mastery of the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy.

1. The old academic idea should be thoroughly changed. Before practical application of this technique. the academic idea of the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy and mechanism of the therapy should be well understood. For instance, regarding the idea of disease therapy, it should be noted that the therapeutic measures for a kind of disease is not necessarily onry relied on a single method; It Should be kept in mind to choose the best method after therapeutic practice instead of sticking to the old traditional method. New idea is essential here. By the hypothesis of the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy. the liquefaction phase is a necessary process for eliminating necrotic tissue and is .therefore, beneficial to its healing. In case you stick to the theory of traditional idea of dry exposure therapy which is incorrect. you would inevitably fail to grasp the law of liquefaction and is due to fail in its treatment. It is recommended that. before grasping a new technique, one must only retain the kernel of old things as its basis. i. e. the theory of the developmental law of pathogenesis of a disease, and to comprehend this with one's new practical experience so that new idea and method can be developed.

2. Grasping the medical law. After mastering the theory, observe the therapeutic process by selecting a small area of deep II burn and treated strictly on the basis of formulated process of the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy. The treatment must be carried out until the wound heals, notwithstanding whatever unexpected clinical symptoms and signs occur. As soon as you cure a burn patient by yourself, with this new technique. the impression of the new idea that it can be and has been cured by the new technique will be refinforced. So far. only this moist exposure method offers a chance for observing the whole changing process of burn wound. When you review the design theory and mechanism of the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy. your cognition complete the leaping forward process of from perceptual to rational knowledge. Then you can proceed further into the treatment of large area or extensive burn.

3. To reinforce the grasping of this technique. No mather whether you have grasped the theory of the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy or not, you should follow strictly the method of manipulation for this therapy when treating a burn patient. As soon as you solve the problem of pain in burn with this method. you would naturally go further to probe its mechanism and eventually accept its theory. In addition, when encountering a case with sub--scabial infection with serious infection in the granulation tissue, after you fail to cure it with all other measures, you may mechanically try the procedures of the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy which, upon resolving you difficuit problem, might persuade you. At this point. you would certainly not stubbornly hold that liquefaction of the wound,is the result of infection. To take another example. A wound, which has a chronic course with few exudate yet appears lifeless can be treated outright with the Moist Exposed Burn Therapy. By then. you would witness the changing color of the wound with white secretions. It appears to be full of life and readily healed. At this moment, you would naturally acceDt the facts that the moist measure promotes its healing and agrees with the TCM philosophy that "without pus. there will be no regeneration of tissue". You would no longer stick to the old notion that only asepsis and bacteriocide would promote healing.

4. Skillfully grasp the procedure of moist exposure technique. The manipulation should be performed and varied on the basis of different phases of the wound. The paste should be distributed evenly. At the early or exudation stage, only little paste is administered. Be sure that it covers the whole surface of the wound. At the stage of liquefaction . sufficient paste should be used and the liquefied materials be cleaned up in time. During this phase the process of liquefaction proceeds from superficial to the deeper layer. The wound surface becomes depressed and caved in. In case the necrotic tissue does not drop spontaneously, operation may be helpful. For debridement, only the necrotic tissue is to be removed . Beware not to make a thorougy ckeaning until the wound bleeds. Debridement and paste application may be performed at the same time. Hemostatic may be used to stop bleeding . At the stage of repair, the necrotic tissue in the wound has been totally excluded. The base of the wound is now under a rapid process of tissue repair. Repeated paste application in small amount is needed and the secretion and metabolites must be removed in time. As soon as the depression at the wound disappears, this demonstrates that a deep burn has its dermis completely reginerated. At this point, there are very few exudates. The wound should be cleaned up again, including wet compress for 1/2 hour to temove the exudates and medicaments, A new surrounding is now established. Fresh moist exposure therapy should be followed until total epidernidalization and ocmplete healing of the wound is reached.

Full Artical:

The Chinese Journal of Burns Wounds & Surface Ulcers, 1989

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