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Treatment for Third Degree Burns of BRT with MEBT/MEBO

Third-degree burns are also an indication for BRT with MEBT/MEBO. 

As the epidermis and dermis of third-degree burn wound are totally destroyed, it is quite difficult to cure third-degree burns

The conventional medical science for burns is convinced that third-degree wounds cannot heal spontaneously, and the only solution is to use surgical skin grafting to close them. 

The clinical study and administration of BRT with MEBT/MEBO for curing third-degree burns wounds will be described in detail thereinafter. 

The following is just a brief description of the principle and method of this treatment.


Decompression of the deep tissues 

  • relieve any pressure caused by the necrotic layer is of critical importance; 
  • protect the necrotic full-thickness skin;
  • promote stem cells containing the skin information in subcutaneous tissue to regenerate and differentiate to form a skin island; 
  • culture the newly regenerated skin island while liquefying and discharging the necrotic dermis; 
  • promote the skin island to spread and cover subcutaneous tissue to form new skin; 
  • and help third-degree burns wounds heal spontaneously. 

For third-degree wounds injured down to the muscle layer, excise most of the necrotic tissue by surgical operation, liquefy and discharge the rest of the necrotic layer with BRT with MEBT/MEBO, upon which culture granulation tissue, then plant skin cells till the wound closes and heals.

For wounds with bone exposed, clean away the exposed outer soft tissue, drill holes on the bone surface with a bone drill at intervals of 0.5–1 cm, deep into medullary cavity of bone until bleeding. Apply MEBO to cover the wounds, and culture and support the growth of granulation tissue from the holes. When the granulation tissue spreads to cover the bone surface, skin grafting can be performed to close the wound, or the wound heals by migration of epithelial cells from the wound edges.

The necrotic tissue of third-degree burns should be decompressed by cutting both horizontally and vertically at a 1 mm tooth distance and depth with a specially designed method: ‘plough saw blade’. Then apply MEBO for protection and clean away the exfoliated or liquefied tissue.

For small area third-degree burns, first of all apply MEBO to protect wounds and then use 'plough saw blade' to decompress necrotic skin.

Treat wounds complying with the method for 

For large area burns, apply the method mentioned above when the patient is in stable vital signs.

Case Report:

1. Ill degree burn with area of 85%TBSA.The pathological section at right side shows full-thickness skin necrosis.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

2. Apply cultivating and tension relieving method on III degree wounds on chest. Apply MEBT/MEBO to treat.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

3. Clean liquefied necrotic tissues in time and treat wounds complying with the principle of treating deep IIdegree burns.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

4. On 20th day postburn, burned necrotic tissues are liquefied and discharged. A layer of membrane forms on wounds. The pathological section shows that wounds were repaired by regenerative skin tissues.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

5. Under the protection of MEBO and membrane, regenerative skin tissues form dense skin islands.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

6. Pathological section: stem cells regenerate and repair skin in situ.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

7. 'Skin islands' gradually extend to normal skin tissues.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

8. On 49th day postburn, the pathological section of healed skin shows structure of normal skin.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

9 . On 7 2nd day postburn, whole layers of skin regenerate, repair and heal.

mebt mebo treatment deep third degree burns

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