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BAOCHUN Cream Power Stop Relief Pain in Sec 10g Free AirShipping


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In daily life, Pain seriously affect our life; serious pain, even lost confidence in life.

BAOCHUN Cream was a secret recipe from Dr. Wallace Yu Huang, a registered Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist and the Doctor of traditional Chinese medicine in BC Province, Canada.

Spring Stop Pain Ointment Inventor

In the clinical practice of Dr. Wallace, BAOCHUN Cream has many unbelievable effects, such as:

1.  Relief Pain Quickly: usually pain stop in few seconds

2. A wide range of indications: all kinds of pain, intractable pain, swelling, discomfort and etc. In the instructions, it has lots of list for the Pain Relief, and those all was achieved by Dr. Wallace in his clinical cases.

3,. for patients with cancer pain reaction, Spring Stop Pain Ointment was better than pittu pethidine, and with good effect, quick, stable, and even improve the symptoms, no side effect of pethidine after use (such as: dizziness, sweating, nausea, vomiting, dry mouth, tachycardia, addiction, etc.)

4. Only coated with the skin of the pain area, then pain relief, No need to be taken orally (In current market, the oral analgesic drugs, painkiller, etc, those have many side effect, and often affect the gastrointestinal)

BAOCHUN Cream, easy to use, with a small brush, smear after smearing. The initial coating has a sense of cool, slightly warm (like moxibustion produces a sense of comfort after the sense of the moxibustion.)

BAOCHUN Cream, the name BAOCHUN, it was the grandfather of Dr. Wallace Yu, Huang Baochun, a famous doctor in Shanghai and Jiaxing County in the last century in China.

Spring Stop Pain Ointment inventor

Picture: Huang Baochun (a program on Shanghai TV: Documentary: Past, a Chinese Traditional Chinese Medicine Master)

BAOCHUN Cream Indication:

This ointment was Huang ancestral recipe, using the valuable Traditional Chinese Herbs.

It has the characteristics of unique efficacy, quick effect, convenient use and less side effects.

It has the effect of activating blood and removing, relieving pain, stopping itching and eliminating swelling


Main Functions:

All kinds of traumatic injury, rheumatic pain, joint pain, cancer pain, mosquito bites and other skin allergies.

Rheumatoid arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, migraine headache, migraine, cold, cervical spondylosis, scapulohumeral periarthritis, low back pain, sciatica

Lumbar disc herniation, heel pain, bone spur, osteogeny, sequelae of fracture, sequelae of apoplexy, Parkinson tremor, facial paralysis and old nerve injury

All kinds of cancer pain(Carcinomatous pain) and a variety of intractable pain are in a certain effect.


use a brush to dip a little BAOCHUN Cream, and apply it quickly in the part of the pain and sprain. It shall be as thin as brush and paint.

For the thick skin, 2-3 times a day.

For the thin skin, 1-2 times a day. The skin shall be not broken and does not hurt.

Only for external use, Prohibit orally!
The Skin with damage, eye, mouth, mucous membrane are forbidden.
If the skin was damaged after use, it shall not be reused, the skin can be apply a scald ointment.
Keep out of reach of children.
Do not use it if you are pregnant


葆春膏 BAOCHUN Cream


葆春膏 BAOCHUN Cream是加拿大BC省注册针灸中医师Dr. Wallace Yu Huang的祖传秘方。

Spring Stop Pain Ointment Inventor

在Dr. Wallace的临床实践中,葆春膏 BAOCHUN Cream,常见许多不可思议的良好效果,如:


2、适应症广泛:各类疼痛、顽固疼痛、肿胀、不适等,说明书中所列,皆为Dr. Wallace的临床



葆春膏 BAOCHUN Cream,使用简便,用附带的小刷子,沾膏后涂抹即可。初涂有一丝清凉感,后略有温热感(似艾灸产生感传后的舒适感)。

葆春膏 BAOCHUN Cream,膏名中的葆春,是Dr. Wallace Yu 纪念的其爷爷--黄葆春(上个世纪,中国大陆上海市、嘉兴县的名医)

Spring Stop Pain Ointment inventor
图:黄葆春 (截自上海电视台的节目:纪实:往事,一个中医传人的沉浮)

葆春膏 BAOCHUN Cream, 使用说明:

Spring Stop Pain Ointment Insturction


葆春膏 BAOCHUN Cream,每盒10克,售价:人民币 120元/盒(含邮资),大陆地区,如您无paypal账户付款,您可扫描下面的微信、支付宝的二维码,进行支付,二维码如下:

WeChat payment Spring Stop Pain Ointmentalipay Spring Stop Pain Ointment


在完成支付后,请发email:BAOCHUN_Cream@chinaherbstore.com , 将您的收货人姓名、地址、电话、订购盒数告知我们,我们将按电子邮件的地址快递给您。

声明:本膏在Dr. Wallace 的临床实践中,有确实之疗效,但不表明其可以治愈疾患,如您有任何疑问,请email: BAOCHUN_Cream@chinaherbstore.com
This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 14 January, 2018.
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