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Calm Spirit Sachet for Insomnia


Item Code:  
Manufacturer:   Yi Tong Tang
Availability:   Usually ships the next business day.
Weights:   100  grams
Sale Price:   $74.95


Cinnabar(zhusha) has the clam spirit effect, it was recorded in ancient books. The insomnia especially nightmares have the effect found in real clinical. People placed Zhusha in�Sachet and placed near the head or pillows to treat insomnia.

The inventor (Dr. Zhang Bao xun) recommend that patients use in clinical, some patients effectively. So make it as the sachet, plus the clam spirit herb. The patient very like it.

The main ingredients of the Calm Spirit Sachet was the minerals, it could used for a very long time. Six months had the best effect.

Calm Spirit� Sachet

Function: for insomnia, special for the dream, clam the spirit

Ingredients: cinnabar(zhusha), Shi Changpu, Fushen, Pinellia, ternata leaves

Method of use: before going to bed , placed the calm spirit� Perfume bag near the pillow, the distances: lightly smell the herb�s pleasant smell.

The Calm spirit��Sachet� can be used for 6 months, When not in use, please seal in the the original bag.

Note: Calm spirit��Sachet contain cinnabar, Do Not put in Mouth.

Sachet (scented bag)

Asachet/ˈsʃ/is a small cloth scented bag filled withherbs,potpourri, oraromatic ingredients.[1][2][3][4][5]A sachet is also a small porous bag orpacketcontaining a material intended to interact with its atmosphere; for exampledesiccantsare usually packed in sachets which are then placed in larger packages.

A sachet can be defined as a small soft bag containing perfumed or sweet-smelling items also referred to as anascent bag,scent bag,sweet bag,sachet bag,sachet de senteurs,spiced sachet,potpourri sachet,scented sachet,perfume cushion,smelling cushion,scented cushion,fragrant bag,pomanderand "dream pillow."

This product was added to our catalog on Friday 03 April, 2015.
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