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Gout Treatment Made Easy � Chinese Natural Herb � WuJi BaiFeng Wan 9g x 10 pills


Item Code:   904579-670531
Manufacturer:   TONG REN TANG Pharm. Co.
Availability:   Usually ships the next business day.
Weights:   170  grams
Sale Price:   $39.95


Today, Gout is a very common disease. This disease, the male is very much, Women only about 5%. Study showed: Gout patients have the high blood uric acid; the problem of the purine metabolism.� In general, Gout was related with the food habits.� For example, long-term eating seafood, Fried chicken, drinks beer, those eating habits were very easy cause Gout.

Gout Treatment: Peoples are advised to diet, do not eat their Favorite and Delicious food. But the current clinical medicine for Gout Treatment has the flaws: Poor efficacy, Side effect.

For Gout Treatment, my idea was some different ideas.

Why does peoples take the same food, some fine, but some have Gout?

Key Points: Gout was related with the body energy.

Low Body Energy = Easy to Cause Gout

In The process of metabolism and excretion of uric acid, the kidney has the most important role.

Kidney Energy Sufficient = High Body Energy�;�Kidney Function Weak = Low Body Energy.

In the same time, the Serum uric acids cause the kidney weak too. In clinical, Gout cause kidney disease is very common.

For Gout Treatment, only diet, it was not a good solution. Due to the kidney weak, after eating the seafood, fried chicken,etc, Gout Come immediately. So, the diet is necessary, but this is not the only way for Gout treatment.

Some TCM doctors use drain methods, I agreed with them, but using the drain herbs to help the body to drain, the drain herbs just was a helper, if the drain herbs did not use again, the body could drain the uric acids by the body-self? No. it can not. So, the drain must be used in the Emergency case(acute stage). But in ordinary days, we shall have the new ideas for Gout Treatment.

I thought, at this time, improve the kidney energy, and it was a good method. Kidney energy high, the body can drain the dirty thing out by the body-self.�

The improvement kidney energy was a Fundamental solution for Gout treatment.

Which herbs have the function of improvement kidney energy?

At this time, an unexpected experience gave me that idea.

Someday, One of my friend asked me, �Dr. Luo, my friend who was suffering from Gout, he took WuJi BaiFeng Wan incidental, and Gout was healed. After that, more friends took WuJi BaiFeng Wan, and Gout was healed too. Why?

I notice his question, then think about the Gout and the function,ingredients of WuJi BaiFeng Wan, WuJi BaiFeng Wan was really well suit for Gout Treatment.

WuJi Baifeng Wan was used by the TCM Doctors of Imperial Academy of Medicine (Specialized service Emperor Family) in Qing Dynasty. It was a Palace secret herb formula and took by the empress and concubines. It was used as the Special herb medicine for women for a long time.� But after hundreds of years of clinical practice, WuJi BaiFeng Wan was found that it have a variety of applications, and not only for women special.

Let�s look at the the Ingredients of WuJI Baifeng Wan:
�Wuji (to the hair claw intestine), ginseng, white peony root, Salvia, Cyperus (vinegar Sunburn), Angelica, oysters (calcined), antlers, Sang cuttlebone, licorice, Artemisia annua, aspartame, Rehmannia, yellow, root, astragalus, silver Bupleurum, Gorgon (fried), yams. Accessories for excipients honey.

In this formula,
- Wuji (to the hair claw intestine),Gallus Nigroris, Ginseng, Astragali, Angelicae Sinenis: benefiting qi and nourishing blood;
- Rehmanniae Preparata, Nourishing Yin, clearing heat;
- Rhizoma Cyperi, disperse and rectify the depressed liver-energy;
- Colla Cornus Cervi, warm kidney, increase body energy.

WuJi BaiFeng Wan: nourishing body�s energy and raw material, keep the liver, spleen, and kidney in Qi and blood balance in the same time. Usually, WuJi BaiFeng Wan has nourishing blood and Qi,� regulate menstruation to stop excess vaginal discharge, main use to Irregular menstruation, vaginal discharge and dilute, it was the special herbs for woman.

Modern pharmacological studies have also confirmed WuJi BaiFeng Wan has the Promoting hematopoietic function and inhibiting uterine smooth muscle contraction, Hepatoprotective, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, lipid-lowering effect.

Women use WuJi BaiFeng Wan, Man can use WuJi BaiFeng Wan too?

In TCM, the same symptoms used the same herb formula, different symptoms used the different herb formula. From the above Ingredients of WuJI Baifeng Wan, there was not one herb only for women.

Now, more and more people find WuJi BaiFeng wan has wider application; and for those has kidney weak symptoms, it has very good effect.

I found that most of the Gout patients who also have the spleen and kidney weak, their body have no enough energy to eliminate the Uric acid. So, the improvement of spleen and kidney energy, was the critical important. Gout Start the thumb of the foot, it was the liver watershed. WuJI Baifeng wan disperse and rectify the depressed liver-energy. So, Wuji BaiFeng wan was very suitable for Gout Treatment.

�(Liver Channel in TCM theory)

Gout (the thumb of the foot)

WuJi BaiFeng wan was a very gentle Chinese tonic herb Formual.

For the Gout patients with the spleen and kidney weak, WuJi Baifeng Wan was the best and most effect herb formula according to my TCM clinical Experience.

Why did I talk about Gout and WuJi BaiFeng Wan?

Just few days ago, I was teaching in DongGuan of GuangDong province. In the lunch time, an Entrepreneur told me, �Dr. Luo, thank your suggestion at the last class about WuJi BaiFeng Wan for Gout Treatment. After the class, I told my Brother-in-law(Suffering from gout) and let him to take WuJi BaiFeng Wan. At the beginning, he felt shyand did not want to take Wuji BaiFeng Wan(he thought it was for women and not for man. I am a man). He has very serious Gout, I urged him to take it, and then he was healed. He got to the hospital to check the Uric acid, it was completely normal. He can eat the seafood again and very happy.

WuJi Baifeng Wan was taken for Gout Treatment; it was used at no acute attack.

Click here for More about LongDan XieGan Wan.
How long was the course to take WuJi BaiFeng Wan for Gout Treatment?

Usually, 2 weeks was one course. After taken 2 weeks, go to the hospital and check the Uric acid. If the uric acid was normal, it shall be taken one more course for Consolidate curative effect.


(2 Boxes for one Course)

I have to tip, lots of friends were care about the acute attack of Gout, and they were Pain sensitivity, but at the stage no pain and no care about it. It shall be know the attack Gout was just the result, the patients must consider changing their Living habits(eating, drinking, sleeping, working, etc). Do not think that it was no pain recently, and everything is safe.

Due to the society change, Agriculture to Industrial age, and to Information age, people�s living habits were changed, and it caused more and more disease. Peoples were suffering from lots of Pain. Gout could cause Kidney disease, even the renal failure. It gave lots of pain and loses. WuJi baifeng wan was an effect solution from my clinical experiment, it is very valuable.

Hope that we have more ways to protect the people�s health!

Dr. Luo Da Lun

Main Function:

Bai Feng Wan invigorates Qi and nourishes the blood, regulates menstruation and checks leukorrhea.

The herbal formula is used for treating defidcency of both Qi and blood, emaciation, weakness and soreness of the loins and knees, irregular menstruation, painful period, metrorrhagia, metrostaxis and leukorrhea.

Main Ingredients:

Radix Asparagi, Rhizoma Chuanxiong, Radix Astragali Radix Anglelicae Sinensis, Rhizoma Cyperi, Radix Paeoniae Alba, Radix Ginseng, Radix Glycyrrhizae, Rhizoma Dioscoreae, Radix Rehmanniae, Radix Stellariae, Radix Salviae Miltiorrizae.


Each ball contains 9 grams of pills. 9g x 10 per pack.

Direction for use:

Orally, take�9 grams of pills each time; twice daily with warm water

Remove the waxen shell and plastic shell before taken. Not to swallow in whole pill.


  • Store in cool and dry place
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Avoid use during pregnancy

Made in China

This product was added to our catalog on Sunday 24 May, 2015.
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