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Help Constipation with Dry Hard Stool- Like Sheep Feces - Ma Ren Wan 200 Pills


Item Code:   923082-310345
Manufacturer:   Wu Han Tai Fu Pharm. Ltd.
Availability:   Usually ships the next business day.
Weights:   60  grams
Sale Price:   $9.95



Ma Ren Wan is excellent for helping Constipation with Dry Hard Stool like sheep feces and frequent urination by Zhang Zhong Jing since 2000 years ago in Shang Han Lun.

Dry hard Stool like sheep feces caused by: Intestinal Dryness (Deficient body fluids) and Heat in our stomach and large intestine.

Stomach Heat caused the body fluid deficient, in the same time, blood will deficient too.

Liver store the blood. If liver blood is deficient, then liver function will weak, liver wind will happen. Then the body was easy frequent Urination or sweet.

Ma Ren Wan help to moisturize our bowel and invigorate the blood flow, so that the bowel have fruit and moves normal, therefore to push the waste out of our body with smooth.

Ma Ren Wan is for helpng the root of the problems (stomach and large intestine heat, and Intestinal Dryness), not just for temporary solutions.

Action and Indication:
Constipation with dry hard stool, tenesmus, and frequent urination

  • Moistens the Intestines;
  • Enhances the Qi circulation;
  • Clears Heat;
  • Promotes bowel movement.

    It is used to help a person who has dry Heat in the Intestines and a lack of secretion of Fluids; it is an emollient especially suitable for elderly persons.

    Related symptoms are:
  • frequent urination; 
  • stools very dry and firm; 
  • habitual constipation in convalescent elderliness or those with delicate constitution.

Possible Tongue Appearance usually has a yellow and dry coating. Pulse is usually deep, rapid or hesitant.


  • Hu Ma Ren (Fructus Cannabis)
  • Xing Ren (Semen Armeniacae Amarum)
  • Da Huang (Radix Et Rhizoma Rhei)
  • Zhi Shi (Fructus Aurantii Immaturus)
  • Hou Po (Cortex Magnoliae Officinalis)
  • Bai Shao (Radix Paeoniae Alba)

1. Ma Ren and Xing Ren help to moisturize the bowel,
2. Bai Shao, Da Huang help to stop liver wind, and reduce intestine heat,
3. Hou Pu, Zhi shi help the stool move smoothly and let stool junction open

One packet of 200 pills (36 grams).

How to use:
Oral take 33 pills (6 g) each time with warm water 1/2 hour after meals, 1-2 times per day


Not Suitable For losing weight (Spleen Weak cause the Weight abnormal. Ma Ren Wan was used to reduce our stomach and large intestine heat. It was not suitable as weight loss; it will furthermore reduce our spleen energy.)

1. Do not use it if you are taking cold medicines.
2. It is not for a pregnant woman.Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are pregnant.
3. Consult your herbalist or physician before use if you are taking other medicines.
4. if any adverse symptom occurs like lost appetite, discontinue use.
5. Keep out of reach of children.


1. Chinese-English Textbook Synopsis of Prescriptions of the Golden Chamber
2. Treatise on febrile Caused by cold (Shang Han Lun)
3. A Tralation of the Shen Nong Ben Cao Jing
4. Si Sheng Xin Yuan 

Made by China

Thank you, Zhang Zhong Jiang

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 02 October, 2010.
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