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MEBO MOIST EXPOSED BURN OINTMENT Quick Stop Pain No Scar for Burn Wound Heal 40g


Item Code:   6925464498887
Manufacturer:   MEBO International Group
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Weights:   60  grams
Sale Price:   $99.95


Burns Regenerative Therapy(BRT) with MEBT/MEBO is an entirely new burns treatment technique that operates in compliance with the law of life. BRT was invented on the basis of academic thoughts according to the pathogenesis of burns.

This new therapy comprises a complete set of theories and techniques for the local and systemic treatment of burns. The profile of this therapy is that through liquefaction and removal of the necrotic tissue, culture and regeneration of residual viable skin, and through repair and replication, burns wounds are finally healed.

Wounds are not kept in a dry environment as required in conventional surgical burns therapy, but in a physiological moist environment.

MEBO, specially invented for BRT with MEBT/ MEBO, is an ointment whose base includes a frame structure composed of beeswax which musters a refined botan- ical oil containing active ingredients.

Main Ingredients:

Radix Scutellariae, Cortex Phellodendri Chinensis, Rhizoma Coptidis, Beeswax, and Sesami oil

Product Description:

Light yellow-brown ointment with sesame oil smell

Functions and Indications:

  • Clear away heat and toxic materials, subside swellings, relieve pains and promote granulation;
  • analgesic, anti-inflammation, anti-infection, ulcer-management, liquefying and removing necrotic skin tissues without causing further injury,
  • physiological regeneration and repair of skin,
  • promoting the wound healing, mitigating injuries
  • and lessening scar formation.


1. Acute Wounds

2. Chronic Wounds (Typical Clinical Cases Profiles)


  • Regeneration of skin organ in situ after deep burns via keratin-19 positive expressed epidermis stem cells;
  • Analgesic effects by protecting nerve endings and relaxing arrectors pilorum;
  • Wound protection by a unique sponge-like frame structure dosage form, which creates a physiological moist environment to keep the barrier function of burn wound in early stage;��
  • Anti-inflammatory by the effects of �sitosterol and other ingredients;
  • Stop or reduce progressive necrosis by recovery of stasis zone in burns wounds;
  • Drainage of necrotic tissues without further injury to residual viable tissues;
  • Prevention and control of wound infection through variation of pathogenic microorganism and reduction in bacterial toxicity on burn wounds and necrotic tissue liquefaction and removal.


  • Patients suffering larger burn surface areas and developing systemic disease must be treated by the doctors of in the hospital with experiences of MEBT.�
  • Repeated squeezing and crashing may soften and thin the ointment, especially in summer, which will not affect its therapeutic efficacy. When it occurs, soak the screwed-tube in boiling water for several minutes and then stand to cool, its dosage form will return to normal.�

Adverse Effects:

No adverse effect has been reported.

Direction for Use:

For external use only.

Directly apply MEBO ointment onto the burn or scald�wounds to a thickness less than 1mm every 4-6 hours. Remove the residual ointment and�exudation before medicine renewal. The wound should be exposed.

[MEBO Consumption]

  • For patients with 1% TBSA(Total Burn Surface Area), the drug consumption amount for each application is about 10 grams, so the day consumption amount is about 40 grams (1 tube) for patients changing dressing for 4 times.
  • For patients with TBSA≤10%, the consumption amount is about 20 tubes.�
  • For patients with TBSA between 10% and 30%, the amount is about 60 tubes.
  • For patients with TBSA between 30% and 50%, the amount is about 250 tubes.
  • For patients with TBSA larger than 50%, the amount is more than 500 tubes.�

[Healing Time:]

  • For first degree burn is about 2 to 3 days.
  • For superficial second degree burn, the healing time is about 7 days.�
  • For deep second degree burn, the healing time is about 20 days.
  • For superficial third degree burn, the healing time is about 50 days.�
  • For deep third degree burn, the healing time is about 70 days.


40g per tube,� Aluminum-plastic compound tube


Those hypersensitive to sesame oil


Store the ointment in acool place, keep out of reach of children

Date of Production:

show on outer package

Shelf Life:

3 years

Burn Regenerative Medicine and Therapy (BRT) with MEBO/MEBT

Currently, the burns patients were treated in technologically endowed surgical suites, given potent double antibiotic intravenous protocols along with topical silver-impregnated cold cream, all this administered under utterly sterile conditions in isolation suites and, of course, costing enormous sums of money.

Our goals were, in retrospect, quite humble: keep the patients alive, reduce their pain, control their infection, and perform any surgery necessary to maximize their cosmetic and functional recovery.

Typically, the majority of our patients left our burns units horribly scarred yet appreciative of our efforts.

Here, we will show you that Dr. Xu Rong Xiang really was able to treat burns patients with MEBT/MEBO so that his patients were in minimal pain and upon discharge, walked away happy to look in a mirror - not scarred in any significant way.

Dr. Xu, in cooperation with natural laws inherent in living tissue, founded the new science of regenerative medicine for the benefit of burns patients in particular.�

This kind of technique is named as: Burn Regenerative Medicine and Therapy (BRT).

With the consummate and development of this technique, the four international technical problems when treating burn wounds:

  • Pain
  • Infection
  • Necrosis Progredients
  • and also scar healing for deep second degree burn have been solved fundamentally.

Burn regenerative therapy is a kind of therapy utilizing the cells that have potential regenerative functions (Potential Regenerative Cells) or stem cells in situ or at the conjunction part for skin regeneration. Burns regenerative therapy with moist-exposed burns ointment is the new standard of care for burns treatment.

The skin organ can regenerate in situ after burn, so no surgical skingrafting is needed.

Until now, about 350,000 burn or scald patients are successfully treated every year.

Especially for large area serious burn or scald patients, this kind of technique not only saves the patients' lives, but also recovers the quality of patients' life and work ability.

BRT with MEBO/MEBT innovative natural product that treats various burns of any depth and any size: accelerates healing, inhibits bacterial growth, has analgesic effects, and prevents scarring of wounds

  • Wounds heal up in 2~7 DAYS on average
  • Relieve pain in 10 MINUTES in most of the cases
  • No scar or color generated by this treatment
  • anti-bacteria effects

Clinically proven effective and safe product in burns, ulcers and skin regeneration in world clinical research and practice

Effective rate:

  • 99.86% for TBSA<50% burns
  • 91.33% for TBSA>50% burns

Developed at the China National Science and Technology Center in 1989
More than 1700 published papers recording about 290,000 burn patients and 700 papers about over 80 kinds of wounds, ulcers and skin defect diseases with treatment of this product or the burn regenerative technique of this product

  • Used by at least 40 million burn patients
  • Practiced in over 20 countries
  • Practiced in more than 5,000 major hospitals in China

Patented in US, EU, and Japan

  • �Pharmaceutical Composition for Treating Thermal Injuries of Warm Blooded Mammals Including Humans� US Patent No.: 5,405,608
  • �Pharmaceutical Base and the Use of the Base� US Patent No.: 5,817,322
  • European Patent No.: 0606786/0763362
  • Japan Patent No: 3065530/3126583

Case about MEBO/MEBT for Burn:

1. On May 7, 1990 Newsweek� magazine published an article Could a New Medication from China Changeentitled "A Simpler Way to Save Lives the World's Approach to Treating Burn Injuries?"� stating, "Doctors have made immense progress in treating severe burns over the past few decades��

One would expect future progress to consist of refinement, not all-out revolution.

But if a new Chinese treatment fulfills its initial promise, much of modern burn therapy could be rendered instantly obsolete.

The new remedy (MEBO) not only eases the pain of burn injuries, according to the proponents, but speeds healing, reduces scarring and drastically cuts the cost of saving lives.� The ostensible breakthrough is still years from general use in this country.

But it is already changing clinical practice in China."


2. 6 year old girl, second degree burn caused by hot milk

Gender �Female
Age Burned
�6 year-old
Check-in Date
�Aug. 28, 1994
Check-out Date
�Sep. 14, 1994
�16 days

Burn Assessment as Admission
Burns Depth
�Second degree burn
Cause of Injury
�Hot milk

Treatment with MEBT/MEBO Apply MEBT and MEBO throughout treatment.
Outcome Wound Healing:Excellent���
Scar and Dysfunction: None

3.� 3 year old boy, 30% TBSA,deep second deep+superficial third degree Scald

Age Burned
�3 year-old

Burn Assessment as Admission
Burns Depth
�Deep second deep + Superficial third degree Scald
Cause of Injury
�Hot milk

For Child, TBSA >30% is extensive burn.

Treatment with MEBT/MEBO Apply MEBT and MEBO throughout treatment.
No Infection, No skin-grafting,
Scar and Dysfunction: None

Burn Treatment at Home with MEBT/MEBO

In daily life, most of burns (about 95%) are mild burn. For audlt < 10% TBSA, for child <5% TBSA.� (the area of the patient�s palm occupies 1% of body surface area, for audlt < 10 plams, for child < 5 palms)

Small area and superficial burns or extensive burns with small area of residual wound (usually no more than 10% TBSA) can be treated with MEBT/MEBO at home by following the instruction and physician order.

For family use, when flame burn, hot oil hot water scald or skin abrasion occurs, MEBO should be smeared onto the wound immediately, and then pain alleviation, damage decreasing and infection prevention will be achieved.

The earlier the medicine application, the better is the effect. Because after burn or scald, the remaint heat accumulated on the wound will cause progressive damage to the skin. MEBO applied can remove the remnant heat in time and prevent the progressive damage.

Treatment condition: a clean or sterile (which is not absolutely necessary) environment is required. Temperature around the wound surface should be kept at 34�38�C.

Early wound care: any feculency and dirt should be cleared away. Do not use any method or topical drug that may cause further injury to the wound or promote tissue hydrolysis.

Most Frequently asked Questions regarding MEBO

1. What are the key points and first-aid measures on the fire spot?

Burn is a common lesion among fire accidents in industrial production and family accidents. Several points should be noted in the rescue more

2. What are the characteristics of child burn and how to do first aid?

Child burn (scald) is common in daily life, which is also the accident worrying young parents and seniors the most. �more

3. How to judge the depth of the burn wound?

The depth of burn and scald wound is divided to the following three degree and six division type, which are: first degree, superficial second degree, deep second superficial type, deep second deep type, superficial third degree and deep third degree. �more

4. How to calculate burn area?

One more simple method: the area of the patient�s palm occupies 1% of body surface area.�In clinic, the second degree burn with TBSA10% or below for adults is called�mild burn. � �more

5. MEBO solve the four technical difficulties in treating burns?

The four difficulties during burn treatment are: pain, infection, progressive necrosis and scar formation for deep second degree burn wound. �more

6. What should be paid attention to during local treatment of burn by MEBT?

For middle and small area burn and scald wound, the treatment can be operated in common wards.

For small area burn, the treatment can also be operated in family. But the important thing is: the room should be clean with suitable temperature (above 26 degree) and the humidity of above 60%.

Wound becoming dry and forming scabs should be prevented.

7. How to treat burn correctly at home by clinical manifestation of burn wound?

Measure of diagnosis and estimation of burn depth has been introduced before, but how to estimate the depth of burn and treat it in daily life.

A simple method could be applied.

Three types of burn could be observed at early stage of burn: erythema, blister and eschar as will be described respectively in the following pieces.

8. Why is water or normal saline not recommended to clean wounds during MEBT/MEBO treatment?

Water (especially cold water) is another stimulating factor, which can lead to local vasoconstriction, microcirculation stasis, etc.. �more

9. Are antiseptics or antibiotics needed in MEBT/MEBO dressing change?

Antiseptics can cause damage to the residual viable cells (including potential regenerative cells) in parbiosic tissues of the wound during sterilization, therefore it is not recommended to use antiseptics on the wound by MEBT/MEBO.

In addition, any antibiotics are not allowed on the wound either, in order to avoid the generation of drug resistant bacteria population in the affected part, which has attained the consensus of the international medical burns field.

10. Can the infected wound (including infected surgically operative incision ) be treated with MEBT/MEBO and How to change dressing?

MEBT/MEBO has significant effect of liquefying necrosis, smoothing drainage, prohibiting the growth and proliferation of bacteria and promoting wound healing.

It can be applied to infected wound to control the infection and promote wound healing.

For severely infected wound with abnormal temperature and WBC value and without obvious improvement of the systemic symptoms after the local treatment, combined therapy should be applied such as sensitive antibiotics by oral administration or injection to control infection, combined with nutrition supply and integrated treatment to improve the general immunity.

MEBT/MEBO can also be applied to infected surgically operative incision.

11. Can climactic conditions affect MEBO efficacy and what are the optimal temperature and humidity required by BRT&MEBT/MEBO?

Yes, they can.

26 ~30 is the optimal temperature for the clinical application of MEBT/MEBO to liquefy and discharge the necrotic tissues on the wound and regenerate new skin in situ with the optimal relative humidity above 60%.

In natural condition, moist and warm environment is suitable for the application of MEBT/MEBO; otherwise method of creating artificial condition by air-conditioner, burns healing instrument, warmer, humidifier and counterpane should be adopted to obtain the optimal ambient temperature and humidity.

12. Is immersion bath or shower allowed for burns patient treated with MEBT/MEBO?

For extensive burns patient treated with MEBT/MEBO, immersion of the wound is not allowed during the treatment in principle, since water and disinfectant will damage tissue cells of the wound, which is unfavorable for regenerative wound healing.

For healed wound or wound with small area unhealing (the unhealing wound should be well protected from water), shower is allowed with the use of bland neutro-bathfoam; or just wash the normal skin.

13. Why is it necessary to continue applying MEBO for 10-15 days after burns wound healed by MEBT/MEBO?

In early stage of burns wound healed with MEBT/MEBO, newly-regenerated skin has not restored its normal function completely, i.e.

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