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World Unique LIP Mucosa Regeneration MEBO LIP GLOSS MOIST Protect LIP 4ml


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Manufacturer:   MEBO International Group
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Sale Price:   $69.95


Did you suffer,upset LIP problems: drying, peeling, lip wrinkles deepen and so on.



With the unique isosmotic technology of MEBO International, MEBO Lip Gloss can create the optimum physiological environment for lip, activate lip cells and provide nutrients to promote the regeneration of lip cells. So lip dryness and peeling will be ameliorated immediately, meanwhile, lip wrinkles and pigmentation will fade, returning you a young and smooth lip.



Daily care

1. after clear lip, apply appropriate amount of it on the lip

2. 3-5 times in day, one time before sleep

3. before using the Colored lip care products, apply MEBO LIP GLOSS firstly to avoid the chemical damage of the colored lip care, then apply the colored lip care.

Professional Care

1. clear the lip with the warm water by the cotton pad,

2. apply appropriate amount of MEBO LIP GLOSS on the double lip, softens the epidermis

3. Use cotton stick apply the MEBO LIP GLOSS with the spiral, mildly soften aged horniness.

4. re-clear the lip with the warm water by the cotton pad,

5. re-apply the MEBO LIP GLOSS again on the double lip, reply lustrous and transparent feeling.

Nursing Care

1. for cracked and bleeding, using Immediately

2. after lip, apply and quickly repair damaged lips

Before and After Pictures



1. I am a pregnant woman, can I use MEBO LIP GLOSS?

Yes, it was safe. MEBO LIP GLOSS could be used by the peoples like: pregnant woman, Lactation stage, child, man or woman, young or old.

2. MEBO LIP GLOSS work for Mouth Ulcer?

Yes, apply the MEBO LIP GLOSS on the cotton swab, and then apply on the surface of the ulcer. It will regenerate the damage mucosa in-situ.


About MEBO Cosmetics

Birth of REME Cell Regeneration Skin Care Series---After the huge success of Moist Exposed Burn Therapy and Moist Exposed Burn Ointment (MEBT/MEBO), Prof. Xu Rongxiang started to lead its R&D team to conduct a series of studies on human body in situ regenerative restoration, and established MEBO human body regenerative restoration club in 2007 (Life 300y Club). Through over a decade of study and practical application, huge funds for R&D have been issued and millions of experiments have been carried out, and finally the cell regenerative nutrition substance(RNS) for skin organs was developed. At the same time, the skin care brand, �REME CELL Regeneration Skin Care Series�, with independent intellectual property rights hold by MEBO, was developed. It is only sold in the MEBO human body regenerative restoration club initially, and the price is extremely high. So, only a few socialites and magnates can enjoy. MEBO Group optimized product packages in 2012, and put �REME CELL Regeneration Skin Care Series� in the market with a price most people can afford.

 Regenerative Restoration of Facial Skin

Before Skin Regenerative Restoration Service: (June, 2007)
Epidermis: Epidermis appears to be 55 years old, crude and dark, and cuticular layer and epidermis are obviously thinned with disordered skin texture and poor blood circulation. Hair is not so wiry with lower vitality.

Dermis: Physiologically ages 55 years old, tissues were collapsed and loose, thus skin could not support facial muscles and finally was taking a rectangle shape. This ageing face was stepping into its senescence, and looks lacking of plumpness, vitality and energy.

After Skin Regenerative Restoration Service for 3 months: (September, 2007)

Epidermis: Physiological manifestation: 35 years old. Skin was smooth and bright with a young cuticular layer and thickened epidermis. The skin texture was distinct and blood circulation was good. Hairs were straight and wiry; and the epidermis was vigorous.

Dermis: Physiological manifestation: 35 years old. Tissues in deep layer is plump and full. Full-thickness skin supported the facial muscles to be an ellipse. The entire face was in an unaged state, showing great vitality thus this face was returned back to its juvenescent phase.

After Skin Regenerative Restoration Service for 18 months: (March, 2009)

The appearance of epidermis and dermis showed a younger status than that of September, 2007, and the functions had been further restored and renewed.

This product was added to our catalog on Monday 23 January, 2017.
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